10 Things to Know for Online Enrollment

We are excited to announce that enrollment for the GRS Training Center will take place online this year! We have compiled a short checklist that will help make enrollment easier on December 6th.

Keep in mind that your GRS.com account credentials will not work for this. We apologize for the inconvenience but encourage you to set up a new account on GRSTC.com as soon as possible!

Get Ready for Enrollment

1. Enrollment opens December 6 @ 8 AM CST

2. You must register a new online account.

Your account credentials from the GRS.com page will NOT work on the GRSTC site. We apologize for any inconvenience. This is another reason to go set up an account ahead of December 6.

3. You can pay in full or make a deposit.

Deposit amounts will be either $300 or $500, depending on the price of the class. Your cart will show your immediate deposit amount and future payment amounts.

4. Check your account limits.

Contact your bank / credit card company to ensure your limits are high enough to process the amount you need. You will only be able to use one credit card per order online.

5. get your billing address correct.

Make sure your billing information on your card matches the information you input during checkout and on your online GRSTC.com account. Incorrect billing addresses will cause a rejection from the payment processor, so double check with your bank before December 6.

6. carts will have a time limit.

When you add a class to your cart, the seat(s) will be taken out of inventory temporarily. You’ll only have so much time before your cart expires and frees up the seat for others to enroll, so be prepared with a list of your favorite classes and your payment information to check out quickly.

7. You can enroll in up to 2 SEATS per class.

You must be logged in to check out, and orders are limited to a maximum of 2 seats per class. If you want to enroll in more than 2 seats for any single class on December 6, you will need to call into GRS at 800-835-3519.

8. You can enroll in up to 4 classes.

Orders are also limited online to no more than 4 classes per person / account. If you want to enroll in more than 4 classes on December 6, you will need to call 800-835-3519 to enroll over the phone instead.

9. Pay via credit card or paypal.

For customers in the United States of America, payment options include credit cards (bank, debit, prepaid) and PayPal. International students must pay via Paypal, either with a PayPal account or with a credit card through PayPal; an account with PayPal is not required for the latter.

Do not send cash/check prior to enrollment. You will not be guaranteed a seat.

10. We’re excited to see you!

If this will be your first visit to the GRS Training Center in Emporia, Kansas — that’s awesome! We truly love providing classes that are rewarding and challenging for our students. If you’ve been here before, we’ll be glad to welcome you back to Emporia. Either way, you are what makes the work we do so much fun. ❤️  

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I learned a lot, and not only that, it made me realize I could expand and be creative with the techniques learned here.

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