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Plan your visit to Emporia, Kansas! Find details on accommodations, travel arrangements, local attractions and more.

The 2017 Travel Pack is available! Download it for full details on traveling and up-to-date discounted hotel rates.

Glendo Corporation is the home of GRS Tools for Engravers and Jewelers, Accu-Finish Precision Tool Sharpeners, and the HandWorker, a pneumatic tool that turns any hand tool into a power tool. Located about midway between Kansas City and Wichita, our facility is in Emporia, Kansas, at 900 Overlander Road.
Spring and fall are transitional seasons with rain likely and temperatures being warm or cool. Occasional thunderstorms in late spring through summer may occur. During summer (late June through mid September) highs can reach the mid 90s and higher. Short sleeves and lightweight pants (or shorts for casual wear) are perfect for summer.

With a population of approximately 30,000, Emporia is a modest and typical Midwestern town. It has a surprising balance of industry, culture, education, and agriculture. Emporia State University has over 6,000 fulltime students from around the world.

Restaurant choices are standard for the Midwestern and Southern states. Both Mexican and Asian food restaurants thrive, with a variety of fast food franchises located throughout the city. Recently, the community has adopted a smoke-free law. Therefore all dining, lodging, and Glendo’s Training Center are smoke-free.

NOTE: Please use caution and pay attention to road signs in and around the interstate and tollway exits as this area may have changed since your last visit.


Most airlines have discounts for advance reservation (7-day, 21-day and 30-day). Before booking, check policies and restrictions on Saturday night stay-over, ticket changes, refunds, etc. Get ticket prices from several airlines and through more than one travel service. Generally, you will spend less money on travel if you make your arrangements sooner rather than later. Nearby airports are Kansas City International (MCI) and Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT).

Car Rental

Renting a car is the best transportation from local airports to Emporia, and you have freedom to travel at your leisure. Use a travel service (either in person, over the phone, or online) to obtain the best rates. Round-trip mileage is an estimated 280 miles from Kansas City and 190 miles from Wichita, plus local travel. Rates that include unlimited mileage often make the most sense. We cannot transport students by any means for arrival, departure, or during their stay in Emporia. We are not licensed or insured for this type of service.

  • Ace Rent A Car Available from Kansas City Airport only.
  • Dollar Rent A Car Available from Kansas City Airport only.
  • Enterprise Available in Emporia and at Wichita and Kansas City Airports. Use this link to receive the Glendo Corporation rate.

Driving Your Own Vehicle

Driving your own vehicle may be more practical than flying and renting a car. We have adequate parking for even a larger recreational vehicle.

Arriving In Emporia

Using a GPS for directions? Make sure you have the most up-to-date maps downloaded to your device before departure. If you need directions when you arrive, you may call us during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.). After business hours, we recommend going directly to your hotel.

NOTE: The new Turnpike Booth is completed and surrounding access roads have changed since 2008. Make sure to look over the Emporia Area map provided in the Travel Pack before your arrival.

If using a Global Positioning Device (for example, Garmin or TomTom), please contact the manufacturer to make sure you have the most up-to-date maps. Be advised that your device may not reflect the recent changes to roadways around Emporia.


Find out more about the city of Emporia and Emporia State University.