What Students Say

Once you’ve taken a course at the GRS Training Center, you know your choice was a step in the right direction. Here are what our students have to say about training in Emporia, Kansas.

Two wonderful classes back-to-back. I can't wait to get home and put my knowledge to work.
Eric N.Jay Em, WY, USA

I will return for sure! Thank you.
Tonia R.Vista, CA, USA

Even after 17 years of being a jeweler I was still able to learn new skills to improve my quality.
Joseph W.Round Rock, TX, USA

I really enjoyed the variety of settings that was taught in class and Blaine had a wonderful approach to teaching complex settings with a perfect balance of instruction and practical work time.
Giselle S.Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I had an enjoyable time in a good learning environment with good people all around, classmates and teachers. Thank you for your hospitality.
David H.Cleveland, MO, USA

If you have experience in stone setting and want to refine your skill level, Advanced Stone Setting with Blaine Lewis is the course for you.
Paul L.Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

This class was so much more intense and informative than I was expecting. My daughter and I enjoyed our time here and are looking forward to returning for other classes. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity.
Cindy W.Brookville, KS, USA

Rick Eaton was very enjoyable to learn from. He has made me even more interested in further learning the art of engraving.
Joseph W.Round Rock, TX, USA

Anyone wanting to learn about engraving should definitely come to take classes.
Vanessa E.Marquette, KS, USA

Todd is an amazing artist and teacher. This week was a fabulous learning experience! Everyone at GRS is top notch and the facility is awesome! I can't wait to come back.
Barbara J.Shidler, OK, USA

Very fun, informative, and friendly environment.
Jason G.Garden City, KS, USA

Todd Daniels is an excellent instructor! He knows everything and can teach it in a friendly and patient way. He makes sure we get our money's worth out of the course, and more. Every question I had was answered and every problem I encountered was fixed.
Jill M.Pueblo West, CO, USA

The information is presented in an organized and very professional manner. Todd involved all our learning senses, we took notes, and we should have plenty of information when we return home and proceed with our work. GRS Training has really leveled my learning curve. This is always money well spent! Keep up the good work and thanks again to everyone!
Eric N.Jay Em, WY, USA

I really liked the class. Lot's of hands on work, great instructor, and the staff is great: very friendly at all times. I will be coming back for another course.
Jose V.Vadkinville, NC, USA

Rex is very personable and a skilled engraver. His gift of teaching engraving benefits Glendo and his students.
Michael M.Amarillo, TX, USA

I learned so much. I had never engraved before, so I was coming into this completely green. Rex was so helpful! My classmates were also helpful - some have engraving experience. I now have the basic knowledge I need to go home and start practicing. I was AMAZED at what I could do by the time the class was over.
Jennifer B.Yetter, IA, USA

Thank you to everyone at GRS for making this such a great experience!
Jennifer B.Yetter, IA, USA

You guys are teaching something that's getting lost on this generation. Keep up the good work.
Orlando C.Lakeworth, FL, USA

Absolutely wonderful class. I came in to it with no prior experience and through this class and Rex I was able to quickly grasp how to engrave. I would recommend taking this class to anyone who wants to learn how to engrave as well as anyone who already has some experience as it is flexible enough to enable everyone to get something out of it. I'll definitely be taking more classes here.
Laurie K.Stockton, MO, USA

Sam was fantastic! Super talented and a wealth of knowledge. Willing to share as much as he can… even when bombarded with questions!
Leslie E.Shrewsbury, NJ, USA

Sam took me from not knowing anything to engraving and knowing terms and equipment in four days!
Melenda H.Maxwell, NM, USA

This class and facilities exceeded my expectations completely!
Jason S.Tempe, AZ, USA

It is hands down the best way to actually learn and understand the tools and techniques to engrave.
Jeremy B.Seattle, WA, USA

Great class, facility, and tools! Looking forward to coming back next year. Also, really enjoyed Emporia!
Jeremy B.Seattle, WA, USA

Great class, great facility, and great staff.
Joshua F.Burnsville, MN, USA

I flew 2000 miles and learned enough in the first day to make the trip worthwhile.
Graeme R.Williamswood, Nova Scotia, Canada

I have never learned so much in a one week course. We were given every chance and advantage to succeed and only limited by the amount of effort we want to put forward! Thank you for everything Glendo!
Tim N.New Orleans, LA, USA

This is the best class I have taken. The instructors were open to all questions, and answered with complete candor. I will take other classes from Rex Pedersen.
Dale B.Amarillo, TX, USA

This class gave me my foundation. I will be able to build my skill level. Sam never hesitates to answer any of my questions and was always able to help me. Sam's skill level always amazes me.
Juan Carlos T.Austin, TX, USA

This was a great class for me. I learned how to do fine line shading and I love it. Thanks for the opportunity to improve my skill. Your staff is always so friendly. I really enjoy coming to GRS for classes.
Dorothy F.Paola, KS, USA

Sam Alfano was a rock star, loved the class, his teaching skills are perfect for a class at any level.
Dianna D.York, ME, USA

Thank you so much for giving everyone the facilities and resources to learn from the best in such a top notch classroom.
Dianna D.York, ME, USA

I came to class not knowing much about hand engraving. Now after five days in class I have a great wealth of knowledge on engraving and equipment. The facility is amazing: top of the line equipment to learn on and the classrooms are the perfect size for learning.
Joseph S.Rogers, AR, USA

This was a break through class with everything I need to start a new phase of my business.
John S.Parker, CO, USA

Loved the teacher and her willingness to be helpful.
Sharon J.St. Libory, NE, USA

From the time I picked up the phone to inquire about a course to the completion of my course, I have been impressed with Glendo. The equipment is second to none, as is the staff. I will definitely be back.
Scott S.Brenham, TX, USA

It is the most cost friendly way to learn.
Terry M.Norman, OK, USA

What a great time. I enjoyed myself immensely. Better than Disneyland.
Mike J.Saginaw, TX, USA

I feel this class will inspire me to continue drawing my own scrolls, as the GRS art class I took before has inspired me to draw more than I had in 20 years. Sam Alfano is a great instructor and has improved my engraving greatly. GRS, as always, surpasses all expectations of professionalism, commitment, and quality of their products and staff.
Van A.Pilot, VA, USA

Once again, a very fine class. Thank you.
Randy R.Fremont, NE, USA

Thanks for providing a comfortable setting for our learning and the variety of classes provided.
Johnny J.Fairbanks, AK, USA

Having no knowledge and no experience before attending, Glendo opened a whole new creative and money-making world to me. The basic engraving class was a terrific experience. Everyone was patient, personable, and professional, with a genuine interest in helping me. Thanks!
Ray T.Anchorage, AK, USA

Rex Pedersen was a great instructor. His honesty, sincerity, and genuine enthusiasm made the jam-packed five days a terrific experience.
Ray T.Anchorage, AK, USA

I had a great time. Everyone was so friendly. Thanks for everything!
Lindsey W.Piedmont, OK, USA

What an amazing place. It's hard to imagine a place like this exists. I had an amazing time and was very inspired.
Tod Q.Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Everyone I met, including fellow students, were the nicest, friendliest, and most generous group of people I have met in a long, long time.
James W.Westminster, CO, USA

This was the best educational bang for my buck in a long, long time. Rarely have I learned so much in so short of time.
James W.Westminster, CO, USA

Everyone was great! I learned something from every single person in class. The sharing is priceless!
Barbara J.Shidler, OK, USA

This is one of the best classes I have ever attended.
Kelly W.Minneapolis, MN, USA

I continue to be impressed with the quality and detail of instruction GRS has to offer.
Steve L.Alexandria, VA, USA

This class is a great follow-through for new engravers needing a way to start earning money in the field. A very well done class in a great facility. Thank you!
John B.Gardena, CA, USA

When I came here I had no concept of how to draw. This has truly opened my eyes as to what I can do! What a fabulous feeling! I would have never thought this possible and can't begin to thank you enough!
Don H.Spring Hill, KS, USA

What I really needed was to learn how to translate from a drawing to an engraving — shading, line quality, etc. I've gotten a really good start on that. Marty Rabeno really is an expert, and he can communicate what he knows. I enjoyed the class a lot. Thanks to everybody!
Jill M.Pueblo West, CO, USA

If your art aspect of engraving is lacking, this class opens the door to the basics of drawing, layout, and composition. It helps you look beyond the subject you are planning to use on an engraving, and to enhance the subject using the area around the subject. Thanks again to the GRS family for a great week of learning and hospitality.
Van A.Pilot, VA, USA

It is great that GRS brings talented professionals to their facility to help engravers get information. It is great to have a work bench and supplies available. GRS helps a lot of engravers get a variety of engraving styles. Thank you for an opportunity that I'll always remember and cherish!
Joan T.Washburn, WI, USA

The staff at GRS is great. This has been a very worthwhile experience for me. I can't think of one thing I would change.
Sid M.Forestburg, TX, USA

GRS classes and instructors impart maximum information in the time allowed. No question is left unanswered and help is always available when asked for.
Steve L.Alexandria, VA, USA

This was my third class. You don't travel from Australia to the USA that many times if you are not totally satisfied with the people and the products.
Jeff F.Eugowra, , Australia

This class takes the beginner student well beyond the basic class. I was surprised at the product I created. My confidence level has made a giant leap forward.
Gerry B.Paige, TX, USA

Excellent instruction and great equipment to learn on.
Robert J.Delaware, OK, USA

This is a unique opportunity to learn engraving from the very best instructors with top-of-the-line equipment.
Dennis F.Powell, WY, USA

The quality of the equipment, facility, and staff are all excellent.
Rusty P.Port Isabel, TX, USA

You can read books, but the classroom teaching brings it all together.
Matt M.Blue Springs, MO, USA

The courses are well thought out and taught with a basic progression from start to finish.
Bruce V.Anthem, AZ, USA

Everything was wonderful! I appreciate the exceptional tool quality made right here in America. This is such a great facility, and to have these instructors teaching here is so awesome. I learned more in five days than I did in a semester of stone setting!
Kara W.Sulphur Springs, TX, USA

The instructor was fabulous! He spent time showing how to make tools and making sure that everyone understood. The engraving and stone setting was very well explained. The Glendo staff was professional, courteous, and welcoming. I am very impressed and pleased to have come.
Lorraine B.Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Overall a great experience and the fastest five days I've ever spent at the bench.
Sessin D.Albuquerque, NM, USA

With 40 years of making jewelry and bench work, being self-educated — it was an eye opener and thrill to finally have the opportunity to study under a master. I only wish I had done this sooner. Looking forward to more classes here in Kansas.
Barry H.Rogers, AR, USA

I am very pleased with my whole experience here. The instructor was very knowledgeable and knew his subject inside and out. Looking forward to coming back to take more classes. I loved it.
Lech K.Boyle, Alberta, Canada

This class was awesome. As a complete beginner, I was able to complete some beautiful pieces in just a week. I have enough knowledge of the basics to continue to hone my skills and to be able to sell some of my work.
Lois G.Bozeman, MT, USA

The course gave me a good core foundation to build upon. Also, it is obvious how quickly the learning curve decreases by having a week-long, focused study of the art of engraving. I struggled with control for the last 8 months. After taking this class, I feel confident that I could sell my work.
Bertram E.Frederick, MD, USA

The facilities are incredible, the equipment is incredible, and the instructor — Sam Alfano — is incredible. It was a very good value for the cost.
Tamra G.Bartlett, IL, USA

This was a breakthrough class for me! Bob was simply outstanding throughout the class period.
James B.Castleford, ID, USA

This was a great experience. Todd is very good. Also, since I am a goldsmith, this class was more beneficial professionally. This is information I will use in my studio on a daily basis.
Randy B.Lakewood, CO, USA

If engraving is what you want to do for a hobby or business, this is the only place to come!
Peter V.Oakwood, GA, USA

The tools, the materials, and especially the instructors make these classes great for all levels of skill.
Darlene D.Omaha, NE, USA

This class can take you from not knowing anything to a good, solid beginning. Now, all I need is to go home and practice. I am sure my learning curve has been shortened.
Jolene A.Clovis, NM, USA

The teacher makes the class — she was very understanding and open to comments — and the classroom is well equipped. It is essential to people who want to advance past a guesswork program of being self taught.
Curtis S.Muenster, TX, USA

Mrs. Scalese was excellent! She is able to tailor her communication to the different experience levels of the students in the most efficient and productive manner. Return on investment will be quick. Highly recommend this class and GRS to others.
Quint F.Hugoton, KS, USA

GRS is simply the best. That is why I continue to return here.
Jim A.Petersburg, AK, USA