Grand Masters Program with Alexandre Sidorov

Alexandre Sidorov
2017 Dates
08/14 – 08/25 • full
$ 2595
Jewelry & Stone Setting
Ring (3 options)
Course Description
This workshop is a valuable blend of setting techniques led by Alexandre Sidorov. It includes his innovative single- and multiple-row pavé for round stones 1.1 to 2.0 mm. Alexandre will also reveal various single stone setting techniques for 3 to 5 mm stones. Because many of his techniques depend on special tools, Alexandre will share how to make them and where to get them. In addition, he has planned time for the attendees to choose part of the subject matter. He promises to share any of his techniques, as requested.

Attendees are not expected to be expert setters, but Alexandre requires everyone to use the GraverMach AT provided on their student bench. While Alexandre has many years of experience as a hand setter, the special techniques he will share are developed specifically for use with power-assisted tools.

Each person will have their own bench for all 10 class days, and all tools will be provided.

Attendees will have the choice of 3 projects.

Fishtail Ring: Single row of stone with deep and accurate cuts
Central Stone Ring: Three types of setting in one ring, with and without prongs.
Pavé Ring: Zigzag layout with two and four prong setting on one ring.

Course Objectives
  • Making custom gravers using micro motor and sharpening wheels
  • Learning multiple stone setting techniques (pavé, castle, fishtail, channel, snow, imitation filet-pavé, and central stone setting of various shapes)
  • Tips on measuring, calculating and drawing layouts
  • Setting techniques that are faster, safer, and more appealing
  • Secure pavé setting with two beads per stone
  • Advanced pavé using more than two beads per stone
  • Working on flat, concave, and convex surfaces
  • Time-saving ways to use rotary burs
  • Bright-cut work with fewer cuts
  • Beading tool use, selection and maintenance
  • How to price stone setting to clients
  • When and how to use carbide burs and gravers
  • Setting in tough materials including stainless steel watches
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving using custom tools

You DO NOT need to be of master level to apply; just have proficient skills and a strong desire to learn from the best.

Please note: Course information subject to change without notice. Example images may not show exact techniques, methods, designs, etc., taught or demonstrated in course.

Applications are now closed. Thank you to all applicants.

Application status will be available on April 28th, 2017.


What is the Grand Masters Program?

Few opportunities in life provide true lasting inspiration and maximize creativity.

Grand Masters Alain Lovenberg and Alexandre Sidorov will share the industries’ most sought-after techniques with two chosen groups of artists.

Those accepted into this program will expand their techniques while collaborating with two world-renowned Masters.

The program spans 10 workshop days, with a weekend of collaboration and relaxation for attendees and guests.


Why You Should Apply

Bringing together two Grand Masters and 24 serious artists will create an ideal environment for inspiration, collaboration, and betterment of the arts. This is a true investment in your craft; participation in the Grand Masters workshop will impact the level of skill and technique for each attendee. You DO NOT need to be of master level to apply, just have proficient skills and a strong desire to learn from the best. All submissions are confidential.


The Approval Process

After the closing for receipt of applications, all candidates’ photos will be reviewed to remove any names or other identifying marks. Each application portfolio will then be assigned a number known only to GRS management.

Photos will be sent to Alain and Alexandre, who will select twelve attendees based entirely on the work shown in the photos. Three alternates will also be selected to cover possible cancellations. Applications are kept confidential to ensure selections are unbiased.


How to Apply

Applications are no longer being accepted. Thank you to all applicants. Application status will be available April 28th, 2017.

If you have questions, please call 800-835-3519.