Basic Metal Engraving


Rick Eaton
Steve Dunn
Jake Newell
Bill Oyster
Rex Pedersen
Sam Alfano
2017 Dates
04/24 – 04/28 • full
05/08 – 05/12 • full
05/22 – 05/26 • open
06/19 – 06/23 • open
07/10 – 07/14 • full
07/31 – 08/04 • open
09/11 – 09/15 • full
09/18 – 09/22 • full
10/02 – 10/06 • full
10/23 – 10/27 • full
$ 845
Metal Engraving
No project
Course Description
Learn basic hand engraving skills quickly in a friendly and organized surrounding. Using GRS equipment, students study and execute fundamental engraving cuts on a variety of metals. This curriculum includes a special series of training plates precisely laser-marked with designs that naturally build confidence and accuracy. This system speeds learning and overcomes the initial artwork challenge. Each class is built around the individual instructor's professional experience to give every attendee personal access to a wealth of practical knowledge. This course provides a foundation for other GRS courses.

Course Objectives
  • Correct setup of a workbench
  • Operation of common classroom tools
  • Tool sharpening, as well as sharpening theory and geometry
  • Tool shaping and bench grinder operation
  • Surface preparation for engraving or stone setting
  • Artwork layout and design principles
  • Design transfer techniques
  • Line cutting techniques
  • Proper use of workholding fixtures and devices
  • Business practices and pricing work (varies by instructor)
  • Shading techniques and background treatments
  • Effective use of the rotary handpiece
  • Block and script letter engraving
  • Basics of metal inlay

No prerequisites.

Please note: Course information subject to change without notice. Example images may not show exact techniques, methods, designs, etc., taught or demonstrated in course.