Design Concepts & Engraving


Jake Newell
2017 Dates
05/22 – 05/26 • open
$ 1195
Metal Engraving
Knife Bolster
Course Description
This course will take students through the entire process of designing and engraving a knife bolster. With instructor guidance, students will be encouraged to develop their own designs to be engraved. Students will gain the confidence they need to address common knife-engraving issues and take home a project they can truly call their own.

Course Objectives
  • Proper scroll design and shading techniques
  • Design, layout, and transfer solutions
  • Explanation of workholding solutions
  • Create a balanced design and composition
  • Creating depth and enhancing contrast
  • Learn about background removal and treatments
  • Flush wire inlay
  • Proper finishing

Completion of a GRS Basic Metal Engraving course or instructor approval is required, as well as an understanding of proper tool sharpening and basic engraving techniques.

Please note: Course information subject to change without notice. Example images may not show exact techniques, methods, designs, etc., taught or demonstrated in course.