New for 2017! Flare Cut Revolver Engraving

Diane Scalese
2017 Dates
10/30 – 11/03 • open
$ 1195
Metal Engraving
Uberti Pocket Revolver
Course Description
Using the technical skills of bright cut engraving, this course will teach the student how to achieve this unique, sculptural style of engraving on steel and brass. This bold, three-dimensional style is achieved using a wide variety of gravers, specially sharpened to work in harder metals and to sculpt the metal by making a wide variety of cuts.

Course Objectives
  • Tool theory for flare cut style
  • Tool sharpening and specialized shaping
  • Study and execution of structural elements (the building blocks) of flare cut engraving
  • Balancing negative and positive space
  • Design of intertwining and overlapping scrolls
  • Metal preparation
  • Proper design and layout
  • Transfer techniques
  • Holding fixtures
  • Flare cut lettering styles
  • Minimizing burs and rough edges when making wide, deep cuts
  • Engrave project revolver
  • French gray metal finish

Completion of a GRS Basic Metal Engraving course or instructor approval is required, as well as an understanding of proper tool sharpening and basic engraving techniques.

Please note: Course information subject to change without notice. Example images may not show exact techniques, methods, designs, etc., taught or demonstrated in course.