New for 2017! Lettering for Engravers


Sam Alfano
2017 Dates
06/19 – 06/23 • full
$ 1195
Metal Engraving
Key fob or pendant
Course Description
Designed for jewelers and engravers who already have a basic engraving foundation, this course specializes in the design, layout, and execution of a variety of lettering, including standard and highly decorative styles. It emphasizes efficiency by using the latest GRS power-assisted tools and versatility by teaching techniques that work on a wide variety of metal surfaces and workpieces. Based on time and student interest, other forms of jewelry engraving may also be covered.

Course Objectives
  • Overview of tools used in this course
  • How graver shape and geometry affects lettering
  • Alignment, spacing and layout of letters
  • Shading and texturing letters
  • Using the computer to assist layout
  • Workholding techniques, fixtures and materials
  • Applying serif and sans serif letters
  • Transfer techniques
  • Lettering: Bright Cut Script, Ribbon-Cut Script, Leaf Script, Block, Roman, Micro, Inside Ring Engraving and Monograms

Applicants must have completed a GRS Basic Engraving course or have instructor approval. Students must be able to sharpen basic gravers and make controlled engraving cuts with GRS pneumatic handpieces. Contact GRS for additional details.

Please note: Course information subject to change without notice. Example images may not show exact techniques, methods, designs, etc., taught or demonstrated in course.