Bill Oyster

Bill began his artistic career by starting his own business crafting traditional split bamboo fly rods. As this business progressed, Bill saw the need to raise the aesthetic value of his work and attended GRS in 2006 to learn the art of hand engraving. Since then, he has attended several classes at GRS including the Grand Masters class of sculpting and inlay with Alain Lovenberg. Bill’s new engraving skills allowed him to raise the value of his work to an unprecedented level. Bill also teaches rod making courses from twelve to sixteen weeks a year and shows the same enthusiasm and dedication to the art of teaching as he does all of his other interests. Aside from engraving fly rods, Bill also has experience engraving knives, shotguns, watches, and numerous other projects. Bill engraves traditional style scroll almost daily, but is also well known for his style of sculpted scenes and intricate inlay work.

Gallery of Work