2018 Schedule

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How do I enroll? To enroll, you must contact a representative at 800-835-3519 or 620-343-1084. Enrollment is currently open for 2018. Ready to learn hand engraving and stone setting? Courses are offered at the GRS Training Center in Emporia, Kansas.

2018 Class & Show Schedule (Download)

If you would like to keep a digital version or to print a hard copy of our 2018 schedule, please download LIT-254. You must have Adobe Acrobat (free) or a similar PDF reader application installed in order to open this file.

04/23–04/27Basic Metal Engraving Jake Newell$875.00Full / Closed
04/23–04/27Basic Western Engraving Diane Scalese$875.00Full / Closed
04/30–05/04Basic Gun Engraving Rex Pedersen$875.00Full / Closed
05/07–05/11Basic Metal Engraving Steve Dunn$875.00Full / Closed
05/07–05/11Combination Course for Jewelers Todd Daniels$975.00Full / Closed
05/14–05/18Design Concepts & Engraving Jake Newell$1,225.00Open
05/21–05/25Basic Metal Engraving Sam Alfano$875.00Full / Closed
05/21–05/25Basic Stone Setting Ron Finch$995.00Full / Closed
06/04–06/08Basic Metal Engraving Bill Oyster$875.00Full / Closed
06/04–06/08Start-to-Finish Gun Engraving Rex Pedersen
with Sandy Popovich
$1,225.00Full / Closed
06/18–06/22Basic Metal Engraving Rick Eaton$875.00Full / Closed
06/18–06/22Professional Stone Setting Ron Finch$1,295.00Full / Closed
06/25–06/29Jewelry Engraving Todd Daniels$1,225.00Full / Closed
07/09–07/13Basic Metal Engraving Steve Dunn$875.00Full / Closed
07/09–07/13Start-to-Finish Gun Engraving Rex Pedersen
with Sandy Popovich
07/16–07/20Drawing & Engraving Scrolls Sam Alfano$1,225.00Full / Closed
07/23–07/27Basic Metal Engraving Rick Eaton$875.00Open
07/23–07/27Refined Stone Setting for Bench Jewelers Blaine Lewis$1,295.00Full / Closed
07/30–08/03Deep Relief Engraving Bob Finlay$1,225.00Open
08/06–08/10Basic Metal Engraving Sam Alfano$875.00Full / Closed
08/06–08/10Drawing & Engraving Animals Jake Newell$1,225.00Open
08/13–08/17Basic Stone Setting Ron Finch$995.00Full / Closed
08/27–08/31Artistic Inlay & Figures Jeff Parke$1,645.00Full / Closed
08/27–08/31Expert Stone Setting Todd Daniels$1,645.00Full / Closed
09/10–09/14Basic Metal Engraving Bill Oyster$875.00Open
09/10–09/14Drawing & Engraving Western Scrolls Jeremiah Watt$1,225.00Open
09/17–09/21Lettering: Layout & Design Sam Alfano$1,225.00Full / Closed
10/01–10/05Basic Metal Engraving Jake Newell$875.00Open
10/01–10/05Basic Western Engraving Jeremiah Watt$875.00Full / Closed
10/08–10/12Concho Belts & Business Jeremiah Watt
with Nevada Watt
10/15–10/19Start-to-Finish Western Buckle Diane Scalese
with Amy Raymond
$1,645.00Full / Closed
10/22–10/26iPad® Drawing Design & Engraving Sam Alfano$1,225.00Full / Closed
10/29–11/02Advanced Inlay & Sculpting Rick Eaton$1,645.00Full / Closed
11/05–11/09Artistic Inlay & Figures Jeff Parke$1,645.00Full / Closed

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