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2019 GRSTC Class Schedule

FULL04/22–04/26Basic Metal EngravingJoin the wait list >> Jake Newell$895.00
FULL04/22–04/26Basic Stone SettingJoin the wait list >> Ron Finch$1,015.00
Open04/29–05/03Basic Western EngravingDiane Scalese$895.00
FULL04/29–05/03Basic Gun EngravingJoin the wait list >> Rex Pedersen$895.00
FULL05/06–05/10Combination Course for JewelersJoin the wait list >> Todd Daniels$1,015.00
FULL05/13–05/17Lettering for EngraversJoin the wait list >> Sam Alfano$1,250.00
Open05/13–05/17Basic Jewelry EngravingJake Newell$895.00
Open05/20–05/24Basic Metal EngravingRick Eaton$895.00
Open06/03–06/07Basic Metal EngravingJeff Parke$895.00
FULL06/03–06/07Expert Stone SettingJoin the wait list >> Todd Daniels$1,675.00
Open06/10–06/14Basic Stone SettingMitchell Lurth$1,015.00
Open06/10–06/14Start-to-Finish Gun Engraving (Derringer)Rex Pedersen$1,250.00
Open06/17–06/21Professional Stone SettingRon Finch$1,250.00
FULL06/17–06/21Deep Relief EngravingJoin the wait list >> Bob Finlay$1,250.00
FULL06/24–06/28Basic Metal EngravingJoin the wait list >> Sam Alfano$895.00
FULL06/24–06/28Intermediate Tricks of the TradeJoin the wait list >> Jeff Parke$1,250.00
FULL07/08–07/12Advanced Jewelry EngravingJoin the wait list >> Todd Daniels$1,675.00
Open07/15–07/19Basic Metal EngravingRick Eaton$895.00
Open07/15–07/19Start-to-Finish Gun Engraving (Browning)Rex Pedersen$1,250.00
Open07/22–07/26Refined Stone Setting for Bench JewelersBlaine Lewis$1,315.00
Open07/22–07/26Basic Jewelry EngravingMitchell Lurth$895.00
Open09/09–09/13Basic Metal EngravingSteve Dunn$895.00
Open09/09–09/13Saddle Silver Fabrication and EngravingJeremiah Watt
with Nevada Watt
Open09/16–09/20Basic Western EngravingJeremiah Watt$895.00
Open09/16–09/20Flare Cut & PiercingDiane Scalese$1,250.00
FULL09/23–09/27Basic Jewelry EngravingJoin the wait list >> Sam Alfano$895.00
FULL09/23–09/27Bulino EngravingJoin the wait list >> Jake Newell$1,675.00
Open10/07–10/11Combination Course for JewelersTodd Daniels$1,015.00
Open10/07–10/11Drawing ScrollsJake Newell$1,250.00
Open10/14–10/18Basic Metal EngravingRex Pedersen$895.00
FULL10/14–10/18Artistic Inlay & FiguresJoin the wait list >> Jeff Parke$1,675.00
Open10/21–10/25Basic Stone SettingRon Finch$1,015.00
Open10/28–11/01Basic Metal EngravingSteve Dunn$895.00
FULL10/28–11/01iPad Drawing Design & EngravingJoin the wait list >> Sam Alfano$1,250.00
Open11/04–11/08Start to Finish Gentleman's BuckleDiane Scalese$1,675.00

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