2019 Flare Cut & Piercing


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Diane Scalese

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Metal Engraving

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This course is designed for jewelers who wish to add the uniqueness of flare and bright cut engraving to their creations. The techniques covered are specifically designed for rings, bracelets, watches, pendants, and more. By using deep sculptural cuts and perfectly polished gravers, you will add dimension and sparkle to your jewelry. The first part of the class covers elements that work well for engraving rings and accenting set stones. Students will learn to both bead and bezel set stones while also applying several decorative borders to enhance the setting. The second part will be a bracelet that will incorporate similar borders, decorative piercing, and flare cutting to create distinctive and unique one-of-a-kind cuffs featuring flowers, leaves, and elegant scrolls.

This will be an intense class, and students must be familiar with graver sharpening.


  • Proper graver preparation for the brightest cuts
  • Perfecting cuts for maximum dimension and sculptural effect
  • Creating attractive designs and layout
  • Unique designs for enhancing stone setting
  • Decorative ring engraving
  • Flare cut scroll designs that incorporate leaves, flowers, wreaths, birds, and even bugs
  • Measuring, sizing, and forming bracelets
  • Using piercing as a design element
  • Bead setting
  • Bezel setting

Class Project(s)

Brass ring and copper bracelet.


Must have completed a GRS Basic Western Engraving or Basic Metal Engraving course and have a basic understanding of graver geometry and sharpening.

Please note: Course information subject to change without notice. Example images may not show exact techniques, methods, designs, etc., taught or demonstrated in course.