2019 Grand Masters Program: Master Level Colt Engraving


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Mike Dubber

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Metal Engraving



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Master Level Colt Engraving brings both a technical and historical approach to engraving an iconic firearm. Master Colt Engraver, Mike Dubber, will take students through two full weeks of engraving techniques expected by Colt Collectors. Mike will share industry techniques such as iron inlay, gold inlay, metal sculpting and much more. During the class, Mike will also share his vast historical knowledge and experience as one of a select few Colt Master Engravers. Sandy Popovich will be on-board to provide expert gunsmithing assistance. He will break down the firearms and provide his assistance to both Mike and the students over the course of the program. This class is perfect for a proficient intermediate to advanced level engraver looking to learn new skills in firearms engraving.

Application Process

Three photos of your work are required with your application. Please have these ready to upload during checkout. After the closing for receipt of applications, all candidates’ photos will be reviewed to remove any names or other identifying marks. Each application portfolio will then be assigned a number known only to GRS management.

Photos will be sent to Mike Dubber, who will select twelve attendees based entirely on the work shown in the photos. Three alternates will also be selected to cover possible cancellations. Applications are kept confidential to ensure selections are unbiased. Deposits will be refunded to applicants not chosen for the class.


  • Metal prep and heat treatment
  • Gold inlaid borders
  • Gold inlaid lettering
  • Raised gold inlay
  • Metal sculpting
  • Design and engrave 85% scroll work on remaining metal surface

Class Project(s)

Student is responsible for purchasing firearms.

The firearms best suited for the class would be:
— Colt Single Action Army: any caliber and any barrel length
— Colt Black Powder – Model 2nd Gen 1851 Navy, Colt 2nd Gen Walker, Colt 2nd Gen Dragoon
— Colt Python: any barrel length
— Colt Diamondback: any barrel length

NOTE: A great deal of the discussions will be centered on historical Colt engraving.


Applicants should be proficient in graver sharpening, standard engraving techniques, as well as experienced using pneumatic engraving equipment or hammer and chisel. This course is best suited for a proficient intermediate to advanced level engraver looking to learn new skills in firearms engraving.

Please note: Course information subject to change without notice. Example images may not show exact techniques, methods, designs, etc., taught or demonstrated in course.